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AH&MRC Ethics aims to educate and engage health professionals with its first public forum.

The Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW Human Research Ethics Committee (AH&MRC HREC) is marking its 26th year by organising its inaugural forum, scheduled for June 27th, 2023. This forum aims to cater to academics, affiliated health professionals, and groups, providing them with educational opportunities regarding the significance of Aboriginal ethics, requirements for approvals and processes and the governance structures. It represents the beginning of AH&MRC HREC’s expansion and growth plans for the coming years.

Kelly Jones, the AH&MRC Research Ethics Coordinator, emphasises “This forum is to educate all attendees on the HREC’s processes and governance structures when submitting an ethics application. The committee reviews over 100 applications annually in which they need to ensure that all submissions are culturally and ethically appropriate.”

In 2022, AH&MRC HREC was honoured with the Indigenous Governance Award by Reconciliation Australia. This accolade recognises and celebrates exceptional examples of governance in Indigenous-led non-incorporated initiatives, projects, or businesses. AH&MRC HREC aims to rectify the historical devastation caused by this industry. Reconciliation Australia commended the committee for its commendable efforts in engaging others and promoting positive change.

Acting CEO Joanne Grant highlights the integral role played by the Human Research Ethics Committee in the organisation. She emphasizes the importance of respectfully appreciating the diverse Cultural Protocols while engaging distinct Aboriginal communities across Australia. Grant believes that such engagement can contribute to strengthening our national identity and character as a nation.

If you would like to attend the forum, please purchase the tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/ahmrc-ethics-forum-tickets-617455133927

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