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Alcohol and Other Drugs

AH&MRC took an active role in sponsoring the 2023 Aboriginal Corporations Drug and Alcohol Network (ACDAN) Symposium, held in Coffs Harbour from June 6th to 8th, 2023. Members of AH&MRC’s MH and AOD Team participated to highlight RTO training offerings. The symposium placed special emphasis on topics relevant to the Aboriginal Alcohol and Other Drug Workforce.

At the 2023 NADA Conference, AH&RCM participated in a panel discussion titled ‘Culture at the Core of Healing.’ The session, which featured representatives from NADA, regional health services, ACDAN, ADARRN, and AH&MRC, underscored the vital need to integrate culture into a client’s journey, particularly for Aboriginal individuals, to maintain a connection with their cultural identity and heritage. The collective knowledge and wisdom of Aboriginal communities were highlighted as crucial for holistic healing. This session resonated with over 400 AOD workers from ACCHS, government, and NGOs who attended the forum.