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Background – The AH&MRC has been funded by the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) to strengthen and support our Member Services in Medicare which is the core funding element to ACCHSs.

Objectives/Outcomes – Support quality improvement processes and ongoing assistance to maintain high levels of Medicare efficiency throughout the system. The following is offered through education and resources:

  • Data collection practices and process
  • Data gathering, analysis, reflection processes and reporting
  • Clinical Governance – policies and processes
  • Clinical activity management structure and Practice Management
  • Improvement of nKPI and OSR results
  • Maximisation of MBS, PIP, SIP and PNIP Revenue streams
  • The changing elements of AICCHO funding models
  • GP and whole of practice generation of the MBS, PIP and SIP revenue streams
  • GP remuneration / GP KPIs
  • Integration of the diverse arms of ACCHO activity and the leveraging of same to improve quality of care and revenue flows
  • Any other areas as determined by Member Services

The Clinical Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and Medicare training aims to:

  • Provide targeted and appropriate education to Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) about Medicare items to generate income
  • Conduct continuous quality improvement to enable better clinical care

Understanding Medicare item rules can be time-consuming and difficult for practice staff. Although most AMSs have a reasonable knowledge of the MBS and CQI processes, there can still be considerable improvements on claiming MBS services and managing data systems. Ultimately, the goal is to improve access to health services for our Aboriginal communities, to increase evidence-based care for patients and to increase revenue to support additional workforce, equipment or other vital services for the practice.