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Tobacco and Smoking Cessation

The AH&MRC responds to ACCHS sector demand through tobacco control programs and awareness campaigns that support local efforts to reduce smoking rates in Aboriginal communities.

The Action Areas of the Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance and Control (ATRAC) framework reflect a holistic view of Aboriginal health and describe ways we can collectively tackle smoking by building on existing programs and activities that already have momentum in Aboriginal communities across NSW. The ATRAC Framework promotes a partnership approach and aims to achieve a more integrated, coordinated and client-focused approach to reducing smoking rates among Aboriginal people.

The AH&MRC Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance and Control Program delivers on a range of activities including:

  • Bringing together Member Services for an annual state-wide Aboriginal Smoking Cessation Forum to build skills and networks among ACCHSs, Aboriginal health professionals, community members, mainstream services and international audiences
  • Hosting advisory committees, workshops, training and planning sessions
  • Assisting local groups to develop information and support initiatives based on their identified priorities
  • Communicating to a large network to share updated information, resources and workforce upskilling opportunities
  • Collecting and sharing examples of successful local Aboriginal smoking cessation and quitting initiatives and good news stories
  • Consulting and sharing cultural expertise, facilitating relevant community consultation and providing input and advice to key stakeholders as needed

The ATRAC Yarning Tool

The Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance and Control (ATRAC) Yarning Tool has been developed by the AH&MRC to support a range of staff members and management from Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs) to strengthen tobacco resistance and control efforts. The ATRAC Yarning Tool is based on the ATRAC Framework.

The ATRAC Yarning Tool

Smoking Cessation Training

In a significant partnership, AH&MRC collaborated with the Cancer Institute NSW to develop the Excellence in Smoking Cessation Training, Education and Resources (ESTER) project. This project involves creating an online module focused on smoking and vaping cessation for health professionals. The module will be jointly hosted on NSW Health HETI and the AH&MRC RTOs website.