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AH&MRC, funded by NACCHO, focuses on strengthening NSW ACCHSs intending to engage as NDIS support service providers. This initiative aims to foster relationships within local communities and improve culturally appropriate NDIS support for Indigenous individuals with disabilities across urban, regional, and remote areas.

AH&MRC collaborates with stakeholders to:

  • Support ACCHSs in understanding the process of becoming NDIS providers.
  • Assist interested ACCHSs in integrating standards into their practices.
  • Promote best practices among ACCHSs for enhanced service delivery.

The NDIS program strives to empower the community-controlled health sector in delivering disability services, enhancing access to culturally safe and reliable support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Recognising the complexities of the NDIS, the AH&MRC focused on identifying service delivery barriers for ACCHOs and access obstacles for individuals with disabilities to find tangible solutions.

NDIS Forum:

The NDIS forum, conducted in March 2022, provided a platform for ACCHOs and stakeholders to exchange experiences and address challenges. Consultants and the NSW NDIS engagement branch shared insights on engaging with the scheme, setting the stage for collaboration. This initiative spurred the AH&MRC to collaborate with Katungul Aboriginal Corporation, producing two success story videos.

The first video showcased Uncle Jack’s journey with a community-controlled NDIS provider, highlighting the impact on his well-being. This led the NDIS team to create an awareness video featuring Uncle Jack’s story.


The second video featured the Director of Health Services, shedding light on service delivery pathways and community benefits. Similar stories were shared at the Darwin Yarning Circle, hosted by NACCHO, involving remote ACCHOs, stakeholders, and individuals with disabilities.


This support aimed to boost their service delivery capabilities or form partnerships with local providers, enhancing patient referrals. AH&MRC remains committed to guiding member services and bridging access gaps for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.