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Living Longer Stronger

Living Longer Stronger is an AH&MRC project aimed at addressing the prevalence of chronic diseases in Aboriginal populations in NSW. A chronic condition is a health condition or disease that is persistent and has long-lasting effects that come with time. Indigenous Australians are more likely than non-Indigenous Australians to have chronic health problems or diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, musculoskeletal conditions and respiratory diseases. The AH&MRC is committed to addressing this health disparity in NSW by proving health practitioners with culturally appropriate resources and training.

Living Longer Stronger Resources

The Living Longer Stronger resource kit was developed to meet health professionals’ needs for a practical resource that considered chronic conditions holistically; was culturally acceptable within Aboriginal communities; acknowledged the unique role of the Aboriginal Health Workers (AHWs); and could be used to discuss with patients the importance of seeing a range of health professionals and attending appointments.