The AH&MRC Policy Team works to deliver advocacy and escalation of system and policy issues that affect the ACCHO sector and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in accessing health care.

We advocate for health policies and programs that:

  • improve access to health services for Aboriginal Communities in New South Wales;
  • support the delivery of culturally safe health care services;
  • are co-designed with and /or reflect the collective views of the ACCHO sector and promote genuine partnership; and
  • are evidence based and build on best practice community-controlled models of care.

As a member of the NSW Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisations (NSW CAPO) and the National Coalition of Peaks, the AH&MRC also plays a central role in the delivery of Closing the Gap in New South Wales and at the Federal level. We represent the ACCHO sector on Closing the Gap negotiations and work with our partners to drive progress against the National Agreement.

Please forward an enquiries to: policy@ahmrc.org.au

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