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Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

In Aboriginal culture, mental health is viewed as a collective consciousness involving families and communities rather than an individualistic concern. It is perceived as an integral part of overall health, intertwined with physical well-being, culture, and spirituality, forming a holistic perspective.

Operating within this framework, the AH&MRC endeavors to enhance Aboriginal mental health through initiatives focusing on workforce well-being and Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB). Additionally, mental health training will be provided through the AH&MRC’s Little Bay Campus.

The AH&MRC Mental Health Program undertakes various activities, including:

  • Organising annual state-wide Aboriginal Mental Health Forums to facilitate networking among mental health advocates, bolster the skills of ACCHS workforce, Aboriginal mental health professionals, community members, and mainstream services.
  • Facilitating an advisory group within the ACCHS sector dedicated to AH&MRC mental health programs.
  • Assisting local groups in developing information and support initiatives based on their identified priorities.
  • Regularly disseminating mental health resources, updated information, resources, and opportunities for workforce development.
  • Sharing success stories of effective Aboriginal-focused mental health initiatives.
  • Offering cultural expertise, community consultations, and advice to key stakeholders regarding mental health issues.

AH&MRC significantly contributed to the Aboriginal Mental Health and Wellbeing Workforce Forum held in Broken Hill from May 17th to 18th, 2023. Collaborating with the Far West NSW Local Health District, AH&MRC sponsored the event, including cultural activities on the second day. The forum featured key contributions. Nearly 100 participants from ACCHS and LHD workforces attended the forum.

Under the Closing the Gap initiative, AH&MRC has forged a close partnership with NSW Health Leads to facilitate the implementation of the Mental Health Model Of Care initiative. This collaborative effort aims to address challenges in access and care transfer for Aboriginal Mental Health patients across NSW, engaging 12 funded partnerships.

Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid Training

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health First Aid course equips participants to offer initial support to adults facing mental health challenges.

Developed in consultation with Australia’s First Nations people, it emphasises cultural sensitivity and practical skills. Participants learn to recognise mental health issues, initiate conversations, and provide initial support until professional help is obtained.

Completion certifies individuals as Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders), capable of assisting those in need.

The course includes two full days of training for groups of ten or more, held at our Little Bay center or your office.

Secure your spot at https://ow.ly/QobA50P13PX.

For inquiries, email healthprograms@ahmrc.org.au.

For more information: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health First Aid – Mental Health First Aid Australia (mhfa.com.au)

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