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Sexual Health

Background –Reproductive and sexual health is just one part of the bigger picture of health in Aboriginal communities.

The AH&MRC Sexual Health Program works with members and other key stakeholders to facilitate a range of activities including:

  1. Providing cultural expertise and relevant community consultation
  2. Providing input and advice to key stakeholders at a local and state level
  3. Working with the ACCHS sector to identify and target priority groups who are most at risk e.g. those who inject drugs or are living with Hepatitis C or B or HIV
  4. Promoting Aboriginal owned and community-led strategies to successfully tackle stigma and shame.
  5. Educating and empowering the ACCHS sector workforce about the role they can play in ending HIV and promoting STI screening and appropriate treatments
  6. Providing regular updates to the ACCHS sector on new sexual health therapies and treatments

Doin’ It Right Online Program

To strengthen Aboriginal community capacity to promote sexual health and wellbeing, the AH&MRC has created “Doin’ It Right”, an online resource designed to assist our ACCHS sector workers to talk with young Aboriginal people about healthy lifestyles, relationships, body changes, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, the impact of drugs and alcohol, choices and self-esteem.

Doin’ it right will be accessible through AH&MRC’s online learning platform soon.

NSW Sexual Health Workshop

AH&MRC partnered with NACCHO for the NSW Sexual Health Workshop, drawing 47 registrations from ACCHS nationwide, with over 30 attendees present. The workshop covered syphilis outbreak evidence, updates on the Take Blaktion Health Promotion campaign, and presentations from active sexual health promotion services.