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The Aboriginal Chronic Conditions Conference 2023 event was a great success!

AH&MRC proudly partnered with ACIs Aboriginal Chronic Conditions Network (ACCN) to put on this year’s Aboriginal Chronic Conditions Conference. The theme was Aboriginal Workforce and Chronic Care Models and aimed to support the Aboriginal Health Workforce across the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sectors and Local Health Districts, by providing information and increasing the workforce’s knowledge, providing networking opportunities for the healthcare staff.

The conference not only engaged AH&MRC member services, and LHD staff, but was also open to anyone passionate about improving Aboriginal Health. Presentations included workforce, and service delivery models to address Chronic Conditions, barriers to accessing healthcare, developing cultural sensitivity among both Indigenous and non-indigenous staff, and working in partnerships to break down those barriers.

140+ people in person attended for day one and at least 120+ people for day 2, plus over 200 people online—a fantastic turnout.

Member services – Dubbo, Waminda, Bullinah, Coomealla, Griffith, Walhallow, Yerin, Walgett, Illawarra, Bourke, and Awabakal – attended and participated at the conference.

Working closely with the Aboriginal Chronic Conditions Network (ACCN) to support our Aboriginal workforce across the sectors and showcase Aboriginal-led innovations in chronic care was an honour. This was the third conference that AH&MRC and ACCN have partnered or co-hosted. “