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The first AH&MRC HREC Ethics Forum 2023, held June 27th.

On Tuesday, June 27th, we hosted the first-ever Ethics Forum at the Novotel Brighton Beach. The event drew a crowd of 180 individuals from various universities and government departments. The forum surpassed our expectations, receiving positive feedback from attendees and numerous requests to hold it more frequently.

The forum aimed to cater to academics, affiliated health professionals, and groups, providing them with educational opportunities regarding the significance of Aboriginal ethics, requirements for approvals and processes, and the governance structures. It represented the beginning of AH&MRC HREC’s expansion and growth plans for the coming years.

Kelly Jones, the AH&MRC Research Ethics Coordinator, emphasized, “This forum is to educate all attendees on the HREC’s processes and governance structures when submitting an ethics application. The committee reviewed over 100 applications annually in which they needed to ensure that all submissions were culturally and ethically appropriate.”

We would like to give a special shout out to the Ethics Team, whose efforts brought this fantastic event to life and ensured its tremendous success. Initially projected to have only 50 ticketed attendees, the event quickly sold out with all tickets sold.