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Katungul collaborative site visit AH&MRC/RDN

On the 26th of July, the collaborative meeting between Ear Health AH&MRC and RDN was a privilege as they had the opportunity to meet with CEO Kayleen Brown and Executive Director to CEO Marsha File. The meeting revolved around discussing the comprehensive scope of Katungul’s clinical service locations in Batemans Bay, Bega, and Narooma. The focus was on accessing specialist services, establishing strong collaboration with the local health district, and ensuring availability of ENT services/resources and ear health training. During the meeting, the Executive Director made a significant remark, stating, “The positive outcomes resulting from the impacts of COVID have brought together local services and fostered stronger relationships, enabling us to work together for the betterment of our local communities.”

Additionally, Katungul is actively involved in the Listen and Learning in Aboriginal Children (LiLAC) research project, which runs parallel to the Improving Care Pathways for Otitis Media (OM) in Aboriginal children project. Through this participation, they provide access to speech pathology and occupational therapy services for children experiencing hearing loss due to OM.

Katungul is seeking further support in terms of continuity of care and access to hearing health specialist services. Despite numerous challenges and environmental factors, Katungul maintains a shared vision and recognizes the urgent need to expand their clinical facilities to accommodate visiting specialist services. The team expresses gratitude to Kayleen and Marsha for their valuable time spent in the meeting, overseeing the internal services provided. This engagement has enhanced their knowledge and understanding of the overall operational perspective, contributing to the holistic quality of care provided to Ear health programs and teams in collaboration with AH&MRC and RDN.