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TAMS Cultural Family Fun Day

TAMS Cultural Family Fun Day (Community event) took place on Wednesday, July 12th at Viaduct Park. The event was organised by TAMS staff and featured a variety of exciting activities for attendees of all ages. Lenny Waters and Mark Atkins warmly welcomed everyone to the event.

The AH&MRC Ear Health Programs provided valuable support to the TAMS team, with Kristy Cooke, Katrina Millgate, and Sheleaka O’Leary-Cloake emphasszing the importance of including kids’ ear health checks in the Cultural Day event. In addition to the health checks, there were numerous fun activities available, such as pony rides, cultural activities, face painting, jumping castles, and an Elders tent.

TAMS expressed their gratitude to their local partners for their support in making the event possible. These partners included JobLink Plus, Aboriginal Lands Council Bumbira, TACCS, Family Support, Justice Health Centre Care, Health Wise, UNE, Fire Brigade, FACS, BARB’S 2340, and Service Australia.

Over 40 people, including adults, participated in the ear health checks. Dr. Emma, a TAMS GP, provided valuable assistance with Otoscopy and Video Otoscopy, while offering educational information to the attendees. The community members were pleased with TAMS’ dedication to the well-being of the community, with one individual remarking, “It’s great to see the work TAMS does for the community.” The local media, represented by Tamworth’s Leader newspaper, attended the event and published an article about it.

The TAMS staff members were commended for their hard work, and the event saw a fantastic turnout. Inspired by the success, the TAMS staff have expressed their interest in planning an even larger event next year, with a focus on establishing key partnerships and involving more stakeholders.