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“Now’s the Time” Flu Vaccination Resources

The cold months of winter are here, and it is more important than ever to make sure our patients are up to date with vaccination, Vaccination will help keep our communities well and prevent severe illness from  respiratory infections. 

We have seen many admissions in NSW hospitals from influenza and other respiratory illness and it is young  children who are becoming severley unwell and being admitted into hospital.   

AH&MRC’s ‘Now’s the time’ resources have been created to help raise awareness and encourage everyone over 6 months of age to have the flu vaccination in 2024. 

We hope you will display these posters in your ACCHO and beyond, to spread the word that flu vaccination is one of the ways we can keep ourselves, our families and the whole community well.
Posters and web banners are available on the AH&MRC website and hard copies of these resources are available upon request.

Community poster
Elders poster
Mums and bubs poster
Pregnant mums poster 

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