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ACCHO Request for RAT/PPE

Since the closure of the Government Stockpile for COVID-19 resources, AH&MRC has been able to support our members with ongoing access to the supply of RATS and PPE for their communities. However the AH&MRC short-term funding for supply of RATs and PPE to our members will has now concluded.  

During this transition period, we hope that you have established your own supplier pathways for ongoing access to these resources. If you have been unable to secure these pathways, please get in touch with us at Publichealth@ahmrc.org.au  

In addition, we have access to Gloves: Size: Large, Expiry: 7/2025.

If your service is interested in obtaining a carton/s (1000/carton), please email Public Health with your contact details, including name and position with delivery address and we will ship to your service. Carton numbers are limited.