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Vapes now prescription-only

As advised in the January article Reduced access to vapes coming – is your ACCHO ready? the government is continuing to introduce additional regulations in an effort to control access to recreational vapes.  

Therapeutic Goods and Other Legislation Amendment (Vaping Reforms) Bill 2024  has now passed which cracks down on the sale of all recreational vapes in Australia and there is restriction on advertising, packaging and flavours for vapes. 

Since Monday 1 July 2024, ALL vapes in Australia are only available at pharmacies. This means it’s illegal for any other retailer, including tobacconists and convenience stores, to sell any type of vape or vaping product. Individuals who have a vape on them for personal use will not be targeted under the changes to the laws. 

Until 30 September 2024, everyone will need a prescription from a doctor or nurse practitioner to buy vapes that contain nicotine. 

From 1 October 2024, people 18 years or over will be able to buy nicotine vapes from pharmacies without a prescription. People under 18 years will still need a prescription. 

You can find out more about the changes to the regulation of vapes on the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website.  

Vaping is considered a second-line quitting aid for smokers who are unable to quit with first-line treatments. There is Information for prescribers available with links to the Special Access Scheme pathway which simplifies prescription access to therapeutic vapes where clinically appropriate.  

The following additional resources may help ACCHO’s staff who are supporting clients seeking help as a result of difficulty accessing vapes: 

The following resources are for patients, parents and carers:  

AH&MRC are committed to supporting smoking and vaping cessation in the community and will continue to provide funding for NRT to our member services. We are also working with stakeholders to explore training options for delivery of smoking cessation training across ACCHOs. 

Please reach out to asavidis@ahmrc.org.au or publichealth@ahmrc.org.au if you would like further information.