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Lyclear Shortages

There is a shortage of Lyclear (Permethrin 5% cream) around Australia. Limited stock will be available at wholesalers until the end of May 2024 and expected to resolve in July 2024.  

Reach Pharmaceuticals has received approval under Section 19A (S19A) of the Therapeutic Goods Act to import supply of permethrin (Encube) 5% cream from the USA until 31 October 2024 see this LINK. The S19A alternative is identical in active ingredient, strength and storage conditions to the Australian registered products but differs in tube size and additives.  

Below are options to order the product as follows: 

Cost is: PERMETHRIN – permethrin cream 5% 60g w/w cream (Encube) 

S19A price is $45 ex-GST Expiry is 31/10/2026 or whatever is available at the time of order receipt 

Alternative treatments….  

NACCHO recommends consulting references such as Therapeutic Guidelines and the National Healthy Skin Guideline 2nd edition for alternate treatments. These references suggest Ivermectin can be used first line for scabies in most patient groups, on PBS. “Oral ivermectin 200micrograms/kg for children over the age of 5 years (or over 15kg) and for non-pregnant/non-breastfeeding adults. Repeat the dose in 7 days.”  

See page 59: https://infectiousdiseases.telethonkids.org.au/resources/skin-guidelines/  

Benzyl benzoate (Benzemul) it is a second line treatment because it can potentially cause skin reactions. It is also in shortage.