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Food Security

Ensuring food security stands as a key objective in closing the gap & enhancing the health and welfare of our communities. AH&MRC actively engages in Food Security Strategy Workgroups at both state and national levels and the commencement of Nicki Turner who was an author of Evidence Check for improving food security in Aboriginal communities in NSW has strengthened our capacity to contribute. But it is your voices that we are eager to hear to make sure we are providing genuine community representation. 

As our member services are part of the community, we want to connect with you to understand any challenges being faced accessing food in your community  and put forward your ideas to address these challenges.  We are interested in learning about existing programs and strategies in your local area, such as the “Food and Water for Life” initiative by the Dhariwaa Elders Group and Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service, a community-driven effort for sustainable food and water security. 

The knowledge you share regarding food security issues and/or successful food security programs will be used to guide our contributions to state and national level discussions to support food security for all our communities in NSW. 

Please reach out to our team via email publichealth@ahmrc.org.au to share your insights and help us to support your work strengthening the health and well-being of your community.