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Public Health Site Visits

It was wonderful to catch up with many of you at the AH&MRC CQI Forum last week. 

If you saw our presentation you’ll know that we’re keen to visit our member services. We’ve found this the best way to know how we can support you! It provides an opportunity for us to deliver education and training, discuss your programs and service delivery and provide collaborative input if requested. 

Dr Kath and Kodie had previously visited the AWAHS Glenroy Clinic to provide Sexual Health education and support for all the team involved in providing clinical services. 

The visit started with a tour of the facilities and an overview of the service. The clinical staff provided insight into their sexual health program and then held an open discussion on workflow, capacity, barriers and enablers to the program. The afternoon involved an education session for a variety of clinical staff with GPs, nurses, Aboriginal Health Practitioners and program staff from SEWB, youth support, midwifery and outreach. 

The following morning at the all staff meeting Dr Kath gave an overview of the work that the AH&MRC is involved in. The clinical Yarn Up followed this meeting, where an additional 6 GPs attended and a summary and key take away points were discussed. 

We look forward to catching up with the AWAHS team in the future and the continued success of their sexual health and other programs. 

If you would like Public Health to visit your service, please reach out to our team at Publichealth@ahmrc.org.au