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Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research

The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (the Code) articulates the broad principles that characterise an honest, ethical and conscientious research culture. It establishes a framework for responsible research conduct that provides a foundation for high-quality research, credibility and community trust in the research endeavour.

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Collaborative research

This guide is intended to assist institutions and researchers to adhere to relevant principles of the Code when they are engaged in collaborative research with other Australian and/or international researchers and research institutions.

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Keeping research on track II

The purpose of this guideline is to act as a companion document to the abovementioned guideline (refer to 1.3.2). It is intended for use by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research participants and communities but may also be useful for building researcher’s knowledge about such research.

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NHMRC Authorship

This guide aims to assist institutions to develop and maintain authorship policies that facilitate the recognition of significant intellectual or scholarly contribution to a research output.

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Peer Review

This section provides guidance on the responsibilities that institutions have in relation to peer review, including for internal peer review processes.

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Institutions are responsible for ensuring that supervisors have appropriate experience and are supported in providing guidance on the responsible conduct of research.3 Institutions should actively promote supervisory best practice, acknowledging and, as appropriate, rewarding excellence in supervision.

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Operational documents


COVID-19 Safe Strategy

All applicants must ensure that their project is abiding by the COVID-19 regulations. Projects where there has been changes to the protocol must submit a COVID safe strategy outlining how they have minimised risks associated with COVID-19 and their team, participants, partners, and others affected by the research.

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Organisation Consent Forms

This document includes a letter of support template and consent form. This template may be adapted for each Aboriginal organisation and should outline the mutually beneficial terms of agreement between the research team and the organisation. Signed templates must be submitted at the time of applying for ethical review.

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Participant Information Statement

The purpose of this document is to state the reason the participant is being invited to take part in the research project and to explain the purpose of the form and the nature of informed consent. This template may be used or adapted for an ethics application.

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