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EOI’s for use of Mobile vans

The AH&MRC is seeking expressions of interest for services wishing to use AH&MRC’s Mobile Health Clinic or the Mobile Denture van both currently located at AH&MRC Little Bay.  

The mobile health clinic is a motorhome that has been fitted with basic medical equipment including a point of care machine, fridge, and clinical items (e.g.: blood pressure machine). There is space to conduct a basic patient assessment and basic medical procedures (e.g.: providing vaccinations). It has a side awning which can be used to shelter a table for health promotion activities.

This link has a video of the layout of the mobile health clinic.

The mobile denture van can support the making of dentures only and is not set up to allow general dental services.  It requires access to electricity and water supply to be functional.

ACCHO’s are responsible for providing clinical items including cartridges for the POC machine, gloves and sharps bins etc. ACCHOs will also be responsible for the cost of fuel whilst using the vans.

The mobile vans are comprehensively insured by AH&MRC. However, organisational and medical/dental indemnity for services provided from the van will need to be covered by the successful ACCHO.

If you require further information or wish to send an EOI, please email the AH&MRC Public Health Team Publichealth@ahmrc.org.au. Please include a brief summary of how you plan to use the van and the required loan period (maximum of 3 months) in your EOI.