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Hepatitis B Medication s85 Advocacy

ASHM are currently in the early stages of progressing advocacy to potentially move hepatitis B medications from s100 to Section 85 (s85) to improve and increase access to treatment, as increasing access to primary care for hepatitis B management is a priority to reducing barriers to care. 

Currently, these medications are listed under Section 100 (s100) of the PBS, which allows only accredited community-based practitioners supported by a comprehensive prescriber program administered by ASHM to prescribe hepatitis B medications without hospital affiliation.

ASHM’s current priority is to continue sector consultation to seek information on jurisdictional nuances and ensure ASHM understand all implications of this potential change to avoid any unintended consequences. This consultation is being conducted to better understand the views and experiences of key stakeholders, to support ASHM in making informed recommendations and to advocate effectively for all individuals affected by a potential change.

ASHM invite you to complete the consultation survey here – it is open until 29/02/2024. If you would prefer to provide feedback via phone call or a meeting, please let us know and we would be delighted to organise this.

Read the letter of support from ASHM and Hepatitis Australia which details further information and outlines the expected benefits of this change including improved treatment access, adherence and health outcomes.