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NSW Beat The Heat Toolkit

Extreme heat events can affect everyone, however older people, people with medical conditions, babies and young children, outdoor workers, homeless people, and pregnant women are at greater risk to be affected. Not only the heat events but also the bushfires can impact health, and worsen health conditions.

As this summer is predicted to be very hot, it is important to plan and be prepared to stay safe and protect our community during the hot weather.  Knowing the risks of heat, how to prepare and how to protect ourselves and others are very important to beat the heat.

NSW Beat the Heat Toolkit can be used to communicate to your local community to stay safe and take precautions and plan for the heat waves and fires.

For the latest information on Heat, visit: NSW Health – Beat the Heat.

For the Bushfires and bushfire smoke, visit: NSW Health – Bushfires and bushfire smoke.