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Are your adults up to date with their vaccination?

In NSW FREE JEV vaccination is available for who are eligible including first nations people. Please ensure that all the ACCHO patients are vaccinated ahead of the mosquito season.

As per our previous Public Health Newsletter, from 1st November 2023 the Shingles vaccine Shingrix will replace Zostavax and the 2-dose course of Shingrix will be available FREE for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years and over. Please encourage and ensure all the patients at your practice are educated about the new vaccine and vaccinated against shingles.

Pneumococcal disease can cause severe adverse effects on an individual such as meningitis, pneumonia. Two Pneumococcal vaccines are currently registered in Australia;

  1. Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccines: Pneumovax 23 – 23vPPV
  2. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines: Prevenar 13 – 13vPCV, Vaxneuvance – 15vPCV, and Prevenar 20 – 20vPCV

Pneumococcal Vaccination is also recommended for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults aged ≥50 years.