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COVID-19 still a threat…

We know that many ACCHO’s are continuing to feel the impact of COVID-19 and the lack of access to COVID-19 medical supplies from the Department of Health. AH&MRC are continuing to support member services with emergency PPE supplies available by completing the ACCHO Request Form.

Being up-to date with COVID-19 vaccination gives extra protection from becoming seriously unwell or dying from severe COVID-19 illness or its complications. COVID-19 is likely to spike again this winter and the chance of severe illness and complications is higher for anyone over 65 years.

ATAGI has released its Advice for COVID-19 Vaccination in 2024 and AH&MRC has updated their COVID Booster Poster for 2024 in line with these recommendations. It can be downloaded from our website or if you would like hard copies please contact apaterson@ahmrc.org.au.It can be given to patients and displayed in your ACCHO’s to support staff informing community members who SHOULD get a COVID-19 vaccine now!

Remind the community about the importance of Stopping the Spread of Infection and Hand Hygiene which will help prevent spreading all respiratory illnesses.

There are other useful resources available to help guide clinical staff with any questions about COVID-19 vaccine:

If you have any questions, NACCHO at covid19vaccine@naccho.org.au or the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care at primarycareCOVIDvaccine@Health.gov.au who are are managing this process can be contacted directly.

Alternatively, you can contact publichealth@ahmrc.org.au to assist with your queries and we will keep you updated with any new recommendations which may be released in coming months.