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AH&MRC Winter Immunisation Grant

Every year we know NSW ACCHO’s use their valuable resources immunising their community. From 6 months of age, ALL people are recommended to have the seasonal flu vaccine and it is FREE for your community members and available now for 2024. Flu and COVID immunisations provide protection from serious illness for individuals and communities.

COVID boosters are recommended every year for those over 65 years old and every 6 months for those over 75 years old and are available year-round.

Both Flu and COVID vaccines can be given on the same day. To boost your immunising efforts this winter season, we are offering grants up to the value of $30,000 to provide ACCHO’s the opportunity of accessing some funding for immunising initiatives e.g. boosting staff numbers available to administer immunisations by employing an agency nurse for a few weeks or paying current staff to work on weekends/ after-hours to immunise etc.

If you are interested in receiving a grant, please complete the following:

EOI Form: Immunisation Grant – 2024 Winter Season.

This offer is limited and EOI’s will be judged on merit. The EOI applications are open until 26th April 2024.