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Coomealla and Bila Muuji Community Health Expo

AH&MRC partnered with Coomealla Health Aboriginal Corporation (CHAC) and Bila Muuji Aboriginal Corporation Health Service to put on a Community Health Expo at Coomealla on the 11th of October 2023.

The AH&MRC was proud to support the event and thank Summer Hunt, Shiralee Hedges, Peter Matsumoto, and CHAC’s other clinical and non-clinical staff for planning and organizing a great health promotion day.

Through this expo that brought the community together, the AH&MRC, CHAC, Billa Muji, Fair Dinkum Choices, and other health services present could enhance health literacy and provide relevant information about the available resources.

Community members could sign up as new patients, book in for their 715 Annual health checks, receive information on the flu or COVID-19 booster vaccinations, and make appointments to receive them. The attendees answered questions and provided feedback on the health passports that would help AH&MRC further assist the health services.

Dancers from Kiilalaana Dance Group and The Brother Boys kept the event fun and entertaining.

Merchandise for different age groups was handed out to the community, and the prizes were raffled off throughout the day with fresh food and grocery vouchers from the local supermarket.