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Paid COVID-19 Video Campaign

Laundry Lane Media are looking for people to tell their own story on camera about why staying safe and COVID-free is important to them (with additional family/members if possible).

The commitment would be one day of your time (in Mid-late May, possibly June), you would be paid $3000 for your time, and the interview crew will travel to your area, so no need for you to. No experience being on camera is necessary.

Ideally they’d like to feature an older First Nations person but we’re keen to hear from anybody that’s interested.

They’d chat about why you get your shots regularly, how you keep your distance when you’re not feeling great, and how all this helps you live life to the fullest and do the stuff you love.

Laundry Lane do a lot of work in the NFP/health space, so using sensitive storytelling to ensure the person in front of the camera feels comfortable, safe, respected and in control underpins all that they do.

Candidates can apply here.