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Flu Vaccine Provider Updates – your help needed

NSW Health will be encouraging the community to book their flu vaccine this year through the healthdirect website.

We need your help to ensure Aboriginal Medical Services (AMSs) are included as a flu vaccine provider on this website. Updates to the healthdirect website are made through the National Health Services Directory (NHSD).

  • Current listings on the NHSD can be updated by completing the Request to change an existing listing on the National Health Services Directory.
    – This form requests that your AMS/organisation review your current listing on the NHSD and provide any updates that are required.
    – To update immunisation services, your AMS/organisation needs to tick ‘service type’ and then scroll to ‘influenza (flu) vaccine’ and/or ‘immunisation’.
    You can then select multiple service types to be added to their current listing, using one form.
  • Once the form is completed your AMS/organisation will receive an acknowledgement receipt to advise that your request/s has been received.
    – A final response will be sent once the changes have been made.

Thank you for your support and assistance with this.