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WSU Aboriginal Health Attachments Partners Gathering

The AHMRC Service Performance and Quality (SPQ) staff had the privilege of attending and being part of Western Sydney University (WSU) Innovative event. This event was a chance for the team to network with other service members as well as hear about the new informative talks and presentations from industry specialists.

The SPQ Team Kay and Richie attended and presented on behalf of the AH&MRC’s SPQ Team.

The SPQ presentation was informing and talking about the requirements for placement of medical students in an ACCHS, Cultural Awareness Training, Safety and Quality, Risk Management, Accreditation standards and Practice Incentive Teaching Payments.

The agenda included:

Day 1.   WSU immersed us in full cultural day, cultural site visits including some dancing on the beach, a River Cruise and a visit to Werrin Aboriginal Medical Service.

Day 2: Full Day conference of presentations.