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Our Healthy Kids Program

Gilgandra Public School has been the first to take part in ‘Our Healthy Kids’ program, aimed at promoting health, wellbeing, and education to primary school children from years 1 to 6.

Throughout Term 1, Year 2 Rainbows and 2/3 Chipmunks have been taking time each Tuesday to happily participate in the program, with lots of happy smiles and engagement from all.

The program is carefully aligned with the curriculum and structured in stages to ensure effective learning. Through our culturally focused and culturally safe approach, we foster an environment that encourages children to explore and understand various aspects of health and well-being.

Marrickville West Public School’s Term 1 program for Year 1 students demonstrated a holistic approach to education, linking health promotion with cultural appreciation. With an average attendance of 57.7 students per week across two sessions, the program catered to a diverse range of topics, including nutrition, physical activity, mental health, healthy habits, and cultural understanding. Notably, out of the 64 participating students, 7 were identified as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, highlighting the school’s commitment to inclusivity and addressing the unique needs of Indigenous communities.

The curriculum featured traditional Indigenous games, hand-eye coordination exercises, and a cultural showcase with artifacts like didges and spears. Students also participated in interactive sessions, painting rain callers and creating a collective canvas decorated with handprints. Through these immersive experiences, Marrickville West Public School’s program not only fostered physical and mental well-being but also instilled a profound sense of cultural pride and understanding among its Year 1 cohort.

“My first experience with the Our Healthy Kids program has been the excited chatter from the students as they  greet Vicki and her team. Sport and physical activities during these sessions are a clear highlight. Talk in the staffroom from the Year 1 teachers has demonstrated gratitude and support for the program as teachers feel students are gaining valuable knowledge, through learning experiences that are engaging and appropriately pitched to the target audience. As an observer, I have found that this program has been an important aspect of promoting healthy outcomes and building community capacity, making connections to services that are able to support the health of all children, with a particular focus on the health of First Nations Peoples.” Teacher Marrickville West PS.

Stage 1 students from Hillvue Public School graduated from Our Healthy Kids last week where they were presented with a certificate, backpack with a portion plate, hat and other goodies. The students enjoyed some fruit while they sat in the shade playing some games while each student was given the opportunity to add their handprint to a canvas which was later presented to each classroom to keep.

Handprint canvas from Hillvue Public School

“Such a great and engaging program, the students absolutely love working with Jess, Chris and Courtney. The lessons are age appropriate and inclusive. All kids are encouraged and valued in every session.” Hillvue Classroom Teacher Year 2