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Introducing Submittable – AH&MRC’s new Ethics software

The AH&MRC Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) is changing the way it does business. Welcome to the first public viewing of the new AH&MRC Ethics software SubmittableSubmittable is a portal-based system whereby applicants can monitor and maintain files they submit to the AH&MRC HREC. The HREC  is putting researchers in control of their application. As a researcher, you are now able to see what meeting your application is going to and be able to monitor the progress of your application. Best of all, you can submit documents as they are updated directly into your file.

Step 1) In order to submit an application Simply click ‘Apply Now’ on the meeting you would like to submit to (See below).

Step 2) Complete the AH&MRC HREC Cover Sheet by filling in 5 Key Principles in an online form (see below).

Step 3)  Upload the documents you want the reviewers to see. You will also be able to add any final comments using the ‘additional information’ comments section (see below).

The Submittable portal is now open. It is optional for researchers to use Submittable up until the December 2019 AH&MRC HREC Meeting. We encourage applicants to start using the portal as early as possible. Using the Submittable portal will ensure your application file is saved on our database and help streamline the HREC Application Process.

To submit an application through the Submittable portal click here.

The AH&MRC Ethics Committee looks forward to providing more information on the system as it becomes available.