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Influenza Season 2024 – what to expect

The ‘flu’ season is coming and Influenza vaccines for the 2024 season are available now. Clinical advice for the 2024 influenza (Flu) vaccination program is available through ATAGI and  the National Immunisation Program.  

NSW Health have also released their 2024 Influenza Vaccination Provider Toolkit  where you will find up to date information for NSW ACCHO’s.   

In 2023 influenza had the highest impact on children under 16 years as seen in this graph from the National Communicable Disease Dashboard.

Children under 16 years of age represented over  70% of patients admitted to hospitals.

We anticipate the flu season in 2024 will be just as severe as 2023 if we do not get our community vaccinated. Vaccine coverage in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in NSW was low in most age groups last year but especially in our bubs and children.

This year we want ALL our community 6 months of age and older to get a flu vaccine and help keep our families healthy and strong this winter.