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ASHHN Network Meeting of 25 August 2022

Colin and Debbie, both AOD and Mental Health Program officers jointly chaired the ASHHN Network meeting on 25 August with several members. This meeting was very productive and positive. ASHHN members have been invited to offer suggestions for subject matter and content for the AH&MRC’s Health Programs regional forums.

There has been a suggestion of geo-specific regional forums to lesson the burden of time loss within the members workplace.

Sharing of emails addresses among the network will also be set up so workers can network informally.

All ASHHN members have been encouraged to reach out with suggestions on resources that would be useful to them. AH&MRC will then look to develop these resources.

There was also a discussion about a new drug of concern which is called “Croc/Crocodile”, this drug is made from Battery fluids and has serious health risks. This drug has not made it to Australian shores yet, however being aware of its existence and becoming fully informed places our service members ahead of this problematic situation.

There was a positive discussion about developing an updated version of a SEWB handbook, it has been approximately 8 years since a handbook of this nature was at hand.

There were discussions about “Outreach Training”, where the AH&MRC takes training to the ACCHS’ sites across the state rather than ACCHS’ staff coming to Sydney, the members discussed the financial burden that is placed on them when sending staff to train. The members will be sending through ideas on training needs for staff.

A suggestion of the AH&MRC producing an ACCHS Induction Manual was positively received by ASHHN members at the meeting and the idea of the manual being online was suggested.

Both Deb and Col also brought forward an idea of the AH&MRC establishing a Member Service Support Desk for workers seeking to debrief and possibly receiving some supervision via phone was viewed with enthusiasm. Members agreeing that by reaching out to others who are familiar with the sector and the complexities within Aboriginal communities is a refreshing and positive idea, which in turn would help minimise burnout by workers. Colin and Deb will continue to follow up further during site visits and progress this plan.

Overall, this was a really positive meeting and both Col and Deb walked away feeling energised and positive that this network felt positive about future possibilities and support offered by AH&MRC.