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Have your say on remote food security

The Australian Government is in the process of developing a National Strategy for Food Security in Remote First Nations Communities in a partnership with state and territory governments and First Nations health organisations. 

To gather genuine insights from our communities to influence the final strategy, the Australian Government, along with state and territory governments and First Nations health organizations, is actively seeking feedback from stakeholders and community members. 

You can contribute to the consultation process via face-to-face consultation sessions or online submissions. NSW has been allocated one face-to-face session which will be facilitated as a ‘Hub Forum’.  

“Food and Water for Life” initiative by Dhariwaa Elders Group and Walgett AMS has been recognised by the National Strategy and will be used as a case study to shape the final strategy.

The NSW ‘Hub Forum’ is scheduled to take place in Walgett on July 25th, at the Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service Community Hall from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. The ‘Hub Forum’ aims to gather local perspectives and recommendations from the community and will be a great platform for all who would like to voice the challenges and what works for your community. 

Although the National Strategy is mainly focused on the remote and very remote areas, we are aware that food security is a challenge to many regions regardless of the remoteness level across NSW. Thus, we believe all your genuine feedback is essential for a better and a feasible strategy to best support our community. 

Should you wish to attend the Hub Forum at Walgett, please register through National Strategy for Food Security Hub Forum Registration. 

For those unable to attend the forum in person, please do participate in the online submissions and give your feedback on the discussion paper to represent your community, challenges and opportunities to improve through the National Strategy.  

Online submissions are currently open and will remain open until August 11, 2024. Direct submissions can be sent via email to RemoteFSConsultations@niaa.gov.au

If you do not wish to submit online but would still like to give feedback, please reach out to publichealth@ahmrc.org.au, and we are happy to advocate for you at the national platform for the food security strategy.