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GLOWS Seeding Grant

Applications are now open for Round 1 of the Guiding Local Opportunities for Wellbeing (GLOWS) Seeding Grant.

The GLOWS Seeding Grant stream aims to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  community controlled  organisations and their partners,  the  opportunity to identify or explore a research priority within their community, related to  HIV and viral hepatitis infections, diagnosis, and treatment.

This funding will contribute to bringing together key stakeholders and partners to develop a research project ready to be undertaken.

Value: up to $30,000
Duration: 3 months

Applications close 28 June 2024

For all GLOWS enquiries, please email glows@lowitja.org.au
For further information, please visit the Lowitja Institute website.

About GLOWS Grant Program 2024-26

The GLOWS Grant Program 2024–26 offers scholarships and research grants to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, community organisations, and their partners for work relating to HIV and viral hepatitis over the next three years.

Five different grant types are offered over the course of the program. These include major and medium research grants, as well as seeding grants, focused on providing opportunities for research and community programs aimed at addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community needs.

Applications opening soon for GLOWS Medium and Major Research Grants.

To read more about the GLOWS program, please visit our website.
The GLOWS Grant Program is delivered in partnership with  Gilead Sciences