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Events at AH&MRC up and running with a few COVID-19 safe measures

Events are still running at AH&MRC, but with a few changes. Our Venue Hire and Events Coordinator, Danni Li, has adapted venue hire at AH&MRC to ensure that all events are COVID-19 safe. Danni’s role is to ensure that events run smoothly at AH&MRC, from the initial booking to hosting the event. Danni does an excellent job at servicing venue hire clients and making sure their event is everything they imagined. We got Danni to answer a few questions about events at AH&MRC:

How have events at AH&MRC changed considering COVID-19?

Events at AH&MRC are running as usual with a few measures in place to ensure all our visitors and staff are in a COVID-safe environment. These measures include a form for guests to fill out with details of recent travels and COVID-19 symptoms as well as a digital check in, which is mandatory for all events in NSW.

To ensure a safe environment for our guests, we have hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, masks, and gloves for guests o use. Upon guest’s arrival, we run them through some general housekeeping rules and provide them stickers to wear to ensure they are identifiable to AH&MRC staff.

Our catering services have changed to prevent the second touch of food and beverages. We now only provide individual packages for food, single-use cutlery and singular tea and coffee bags to our guests.

What is your most memorable event in your time working at AH&MRC?

My most memorable event while working here at AHMRC would have to be the Kinchela Boys Home event at NAIDOC week last year. Elders from Kinchela Boys Home came into our Little Bay Campus to talk to our staff about their personal experiences and the Stolen Generations.

The Kinchela Boys Home event is a perfect example of how AH&MRC’s venue is such an intimate and culturally respectful place. This was highlighted throughout the day with regular yarning sessions that gave everyone an opportunity for their voice to be heard. See a small clip from the day here.

Why should people hire a venue at Little Bay?

There are many reasons why someone might want to hire a room want to hire a room at the AH&MRC. These include corporate functions, workshops, notable speakers, or cultural days.

Some examples of organisations that have hired our venue are Cancer Institute of NSW, the Ministry of Health, TAFE, and La Perouse Council. I think the AH&MRC venue is an appealing option for clients because of its cultural value, as well as it being a large, open venue with natural sunlight and ocean views.

The AH&MRC venue is a culturally appropriate venue for team building. We have connections to cultural tours and activities in the area and can help to organise these for our guests. Guided bushwalks and tours of the La Perouse area can help to promote an understanding of Aboriginal culture and history.

The AH&MRC is a non for profit organisation so any income created from venue hire will go into helping deliver programs for our sector and assist in AH&MRC in achieving sustainability.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

A typical workday for me involves touching base with clients and planning their events. I am constantly updating floor plans and contracts to make sure our venue is tailored to client’s needs. My main goal is to bring to life my client’s events in the way they imagine. AH&MRC is a place of working together in unity, and it is my hope that every guest leaves AH&MRC feeling connected to culture and having had a positive experience.

When you are not organising events, what do you like to do in your free time?

Aside from my passion for organising events, I love photography and spending time with animals, especially rescue dogs. I also love road trips and travelling as it gives me the opportunity to wind down, appreciate the beautiful land we live on and capture these moments as photographs.

If you are interested in booking an event at the AH&MRC email Danni Li at dli@ahmrc.org.au or call (02) 9212 4777