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Diabetes Education Workshop – Dubbo

The Diabetes Education Workshop was successfully held at Dubbo Zoo on March 21, 2024. The team from the University of Technology Sydney provided the high quality education supported by  the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of NSW and the RDN Care Partnership—Diabetes program.

The event was attended by Health Professionals from Western and Far West NSW LHDs, Aboriginal Medical Services, PHNs, and Non-Government Primary Care Providers. It was an excellent opportunity for the Aboriginal Healthcare Professionals to learn about the range of clinical management and education skills through different sessions. Learning activities included HbA1c testing, Glucose monitoring, Diabetes education, Cultural empathy, Diabetes communication, and case studies, where participants shared their own experiences and discussed them.

The facilitators, Dr. Marlene Payk, Dr Shannon Lin, and Grace Ward, delivered informative sessions, including discussions and activities to engage the participants.

Staff from AH&MRC’s Public Health, Member Engagement, and Training team attended and “enjoyed the learning and networking opportunities. AH&MRC will further work towards engaging member services to benefit from these workshops and is keen on providing ongoing support to the partner organisations in the future.”

AH&MRC will continue supporting member services so they may benefit from these workshops and is keen to work with partner organisations to provide onging professional development in the future.