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AH&MRC receives a $40,000 grant from auDA Foundation to help with a new data management platform.

The auDA Foundation has announced recipients of its $40,000 2022 Grant for an education, research or community project that will enhance the utility of the internet for the benefit of Australians. The Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council (AH&MRC) was announced as one of the recipients.

AH&MRC is the peak body of ACCHOs in NSW and when it comes to conducting ethically and moral research, the one problem is shared research amongst all ACCHO’s and in real-time. This dashboard would help with all areas of research, create best practices in data management and benefit ACCHOs and in turn the First Nations communities that they service.

AH&MRC will use the findings from this research project for the creation of data analytics tools, that is developed for ACCHOs to assist in improving all areas of health for First Nations communities, which in time will potentially create a pathway for First Nations data sovereignty by creating an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Dashboard.

David Roberts Director of Innovation and Training states “We are in a unique position to work with our members in conducting research to assist the development of an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Dashboard. We will use the findings from this research for the creation of a data analytics tool to assist in improving the holistic health of First Nations communities of NSW.” 

This project will start in the planning phase in the second half of 2023 and will launch in 2024.

MEDIA RELEASE_Auda Foundation Grant winners