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AH&MRC Public Health team visit Yoorana Gunya and Orange AMS

Our Public Health Medical Officer Kath Keenan and our Sexual Health Nurse Kodie Alderton were invited to Yoorana Gunya last week to talk about all things sexual health! The visit included meeting with the Executive and Clinical Teams with a site tour before they got down to some sexual health education and group discussions.

There was contribution from all team members with enthusiastic conversations about processes for the uptake of sexual health screening, the importance of sexual health in the 715-health assessment and how AH&MRC could support Yoorana Gunya to achieve better health outcomes for the community.

Dr Kath and Kodie were also able to stop by Orange AMS (OAMS) and met with CEO Jamie Newman, the Sexual Health Nurse and Clinical Nurse Lead. They toured the already amazing facilities at OAMS and viewed the site for the approved hydrotherapy pool.

The Public Health team look forward to providing ongoing support to the teams visited and are keen to visit other member services. Please email publichealth@ahmrc.org.au if you are interested in a site visit or other assistance for your clinical teams.