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AH&MRC make a trip to Tharawal

On Thursday 29th of October 2020 AH&MRC visited Tharawal Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS). The visit was planned so that Sector Support and the Public Health and Intelligence Teams could share the projects they’ve been working on and brainstorm how AH&MRC can support Tharawal AMS with their programs and initiatives.

Tharawal AMS’s CEO, Darryl Wright took time out of his busy day to take the AH&MRC team on a tour of the service. He showed the AH&MRC Team the Fruit and Veg Shed where they run the ‘Good Tucker All Round Program’. This Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Program delivers boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living on the Dharawal land in the Campbelltown Local Government Area. The program targets people who have or at risk of having a chronic disease including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Darryl introduced the Team to staff at Tharawal AMS and showed them around the Medical Centre, treatment rooms and Koori Garden, explaining all the healthy lifestyle programs that Tharawal AMS have to offer.

The team witnessed a special moment when Darryl presented a beautiful sculpture to a very hard-working staff member of the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health. The staff member had worked on the Poche bus all day making dentures for Tharawal AMS community members.

The AH&MRC team were impressed with the extensive services offered to Tharawal Community members in medical, social and emotional wellbeing, lifestyle and family support. It was a trip that we remember fondly in the years to come.

Author –

Marina Wise, AH&MRC Public Health and Intelligence Unit