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Age Lowered for Bowel Cancer screening – screen from age 45

From 1st of July 2024, the eligibility for bowel cancer screening age has been lowered to 45 years of age. All adults 45 and over can now join the program and screen for bowel cancer.  

Eligible individuals 45-49 years can register through the National Cancer Screening Register to receive their first Home Test Kit delivered to their home and continue to receive testing kits every two years. Those from 50-74 years will continue to automatically receive their kits every 2 years. 

The ‘Alternative Access’ to bowel cancer test kits is open for ACCHOs to bulk order kits through the National Cancer Screening Register Health Care Provider Portal. When you are yarning to patients about screening, having kits on the spot makes it easier to encourage patients to do the test.   

Let’s help get everyone from 45 and over to get registered and screened early to increase participation rates in your community. 

This short video explains how to order Bowel Cancer screening tests:  How to bulk order bowel cancer screening kits – Healthcare Provider Portal walk-through guide 

A useful video to show patients explaining how to do the test is available to watch on Youtube: How to do the test – Indigenous bowel screening (youtube.com)