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Your Health Your Future

Your Health Your Future

Your Health Your Future

Background– Every year over 400,000 Indigenous Australians are entitled to receive a free comprehensive 715 health assessment, yet uptake rates remain low with 70% of the Indigenous population not completing a 715 health check-in 2016-17.

The AH&MRC has developed the Your Health Your Future campaign to encourage Aboriginal people in NSW to complete a 715 health check every 9-12 months at their local Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS).  Your Health Your Future will focus on strengthening the quality of check-ups provided and not just increasing quantity, as data suggests roughly 80% of health checks require follow-up treatment or referrals. This follow-up care is vitally important and would be best done in the ACCHS Sector.

The AH&MRC aims to normalise the idea of seeing a doctor regularly, not just when you’re sick. We aim to promote health checks amongst communities as a means to access support, prevent and better manage chronic conditions.

Through our Your Health Your Future Ambassador program, the AH&MRC will be recruiting Aboriginal people who are prominent in our AMS communities to help us promote and engage Aboriginal people in the use and uptake of the 715 Aboriginal Health Check.

The AH&MRC Your Health Your Future Campaign works with members and other key stakeholders to facilitate a range of activities including:

  • Increasing awareness and acceptance of 715 health checks in Aboriginal communities across NSW
  • Strengthening CQI approaches to the delivery of 715 health checks in the ACCHS sector
  • Ensuring NSW ACCHSs have the tools, resources, training and support needed to complete quality 715s and provide appropriate follow-up care



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