Ear Health

Background –The AH&MRC has been funded by the Department of Health (DoH) to strengthen the capacity of the Ear Health workforce to improve the hearing health of Aboriginal children in NSW. We provide access to workforce training, equipment and community-based projects aimed at strengthening the capacity of Member Services to screen for, diagnose and manage hearing health conditions as early and effectively as possible.

Objectives/Outcomes – Support professional development and provide/increase foundational knowledge and skills to increase the capacity of the workforce to:

  • Support and deliver community-based projects/programs
  • Identify and develop health promotional resources
  • Identify & promote training and support for ACCHS staff to conduct ear screening
  • Access and distribute culturally appropriate resources
  • Engage in the AH&MRC’s Ear Health collaborative
  • Strengthen & develop partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Access and use the equipment needed to promote hearing health