Alcohol and Other Drugs

The AH&MRC provides support to Aboriginal Community Controlled Residential Rehabs in the NSW Region. We have assisted our Residential Rehabs to create AOD networks to share knowledge, resources and expertise on how to provide culturally appropriate care to clients struggling with addictions to alcohol and other drugs.


The Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation Network (ADARRN) is the network of Aboriginal residential rehabilitation services in NSW and includes: Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation (The Glen); Orana Haven Aboriginal Corporation (Orana Haven); The Oolong Aboriginal Corporation (Oolong House); Weigelli Centre Aboriginal Corporation (Weigelli); and Wellington Aboriginal Corporation Health Service (Maayu Mali).

The ADARRN Group was established in 2019 by a group of like-minded Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations who run Residential Rehabilitation Centres. ADARRN will be looking to position itself as the Peak Body for Aboriginal Community Controlled Drug and Alcohol.

ADARRN membership is made up of Aboriginal Community Controlled organisations that provide residential rehabilitation programs.



The Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Network (ADAN) was established in 2003 following recommendations from the “Talking About Grog” summit in Sydney.

The purpose of ADAN is to:

  • focus is supporting Aboriginal drug and alcohol workers across NSW
  • Support a locally based approach to ensure local people develop local strategies to inform and engage Aboriginal individuals, families and communities through the development of a locally determined and appropriate infrastructure
  • Provide a platform for Aboriginal drug and alcohol workers to share information and resources; receive professional development and cultural support; develop skills relevant to the industry
  • Provide key stakeholders with advice and consultation on policy development and state-wide projects for the Aboriginal drug and alcohol sector