Our Staff

The AH&MRC is a group of passionate and diverse people with strong fundamental values of unity, loyalty, inclusion and respect.

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Chief Executive Officer

Joanne Grant

Acting CEO

Monica Marlowe

Executive Support Officer

Merrilyn Day

Business Contracts & Reporting Officer

Sarah Williams

Administration Officer

Eliesha Smith

Administration Officer Trainee

Finance and Corporate Services

Charlie Coyle

Director - Finance and Corporate Services / Company Secretary

Jing Xu

Assistant Accountant

Rajnesh Singh

Financial Accountant

Victoria Uriarte

Facilities Coordinator

Human Resources

Cassara Hardie

HR Manager


Amanda Paterson

Marketing and Communications Manager

Innovation and Training

David Roberts

Director of Innovation and Training

Jason Webb

Head of Training Operations

Bradlee Commins

Head of Innovation Operations

Melissa Sutton

Coordinator - Fundraising, Donations & Philanthropy

Elizabeth Potter

Events & Venue Coordinator

Fabricio Itte

Team Leader - Sport, Nutrition & Fitness

Christopher Margaritis

Team Leader - Culture, Leadership & Governance

Karen Davies

Head of Engagement & Experience

Kristilee Cruse

Aboriginal Student Experience Officer

Deanne Smith

Project Officer - Indigenous Facilitators Program

Kim Gussy

Teacher - Health Care

Sylvia Akusah

Teacher - Cultural Education

Peter Jensen

Teacher - LLN, RPL & Training Plans

Monique Ferguson


Pauline Carlon


Michael Mackander


Brooke Tapai


Elijha Hedges


Keira Edwards


William Spek


Teressa Farhart


Peter France


Soibi Warmate


Michelle Cutmore


Fiona Campbell


Ethics, Policy and Research

Kelly Jones

Ethics Coordinator

Misty Amopiu

Ethics Officer

Deeandri Naicker

Senior Policy Officer

Jivani Murugan

Policy Officer - Closing the Gap


Joanne Grant

Director of Operations
Service Performance and Quality

Rodolfo Garcia

Acting Manager, Service Performance & Quality Officer

Tom Falkner

Field Officer - SPQ

Kay Lane

Service Performance & Quality - Field Officer

Nisha Singh

Digital Health Officer – Service Performance & Quality Unit
Health Programs

Nathan Taylor

Health Programs Manager

Phillip Williams

Programs Officer - Mental Health & AOD

Colin McGrath

Programs Officer - Mental Health & AOD

Mafi Kailahi

Program Officer - Ear & Eye Health

Arti Savidis

Program Officer - Chronic Care

Andrew Fernando

Program Officer - NDIS & Aged Care

Lachlan Madden

Program Officer - Suicide Prevention

Deborah Grant

Program Officer - Suicide Prevention & After Care

Charmaine Lett

Program Officer - Sexual Health

Madeleine Lawson

Program Coordinator - Aboriginal Cancer Primary Care

Public Health

Dr. Katherine Keenan

Public Health Medical Officer

Yuanee Wickramasinghe

Public Health Medical Officer

Lauren Owen

Public Health Officer

Our Healthy Kids Program

Shana Quayle

Manager - Our Healthy Kids Program

Tyson Demos

Facilitator - Our Healthy Kids Program