Our Staff

The AH&MRC is a group of passionate and diverse people with strong fundamental values of unity, loyalty, inclusion and respect.

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Chief Executive Officer

Robert Skeen

Chief Executive Officer

Monica Marlowe

Executive Support Officer & Company Secretary

Executive Director of Operations

Peter Malouf

Executive Director of Operations

Public Health Medical Officers

Kate Armstrong

Public Health Medical Officer

Anthony Zheng

Public Health Medical Officer

Marketing and Communications

Nadia Ruben

Marketing & Communications Manager

Lucy Butler

Marketing and Communications Officer

Brittany Gray

Social Media Coordinator

Finance and Corporate Services

Avnit Raj

Chief Financial Officer

Natasha Huxstep

Finance and Corporate Services Manager

Tatiana Borisova

Financial Accountant

Kim Merritt

Facilities and Administration Officer

Misty Amopiu

Administration Officer

Business Development

Melissa Sutton

Business Development Manager

Danni Li

Venue and Events Coordinator

Data and Systems 

Aashima Bhatnagar

Data and Systems Officer

Education and Training

Lee Bradfield

Director of Studies

Premi Sivanesan

RTO Training and Compliance Lead - Administration Team

Arthur Little

Cultural Responsiveness Engagement Officer

Traci Arkinstall

RTO Support Officer - Administration Team

Wendy Meyers

Senior Digital Learning Designer - Administration Team

Kristilee Cruse

RTO Student Administration Officer - Administration Team

Michelle Kent

Learning Designer - Administration Team

Emma Newman

Lead Trainer and Assessor - PHC Training Team

Ann Jewitt

Trainer and Assessor - MH and Counselling Training Team

Julie Marshall

Trainer and Assessor - PHC Training Team

Tameka O'Donnell

Tutor and Cultural Support Officer - PHC Training Team

Kim Gussy

Lead Trainer and Assessor - AOD Training Team

Melody Muscat

Content Reviewer and Subject Matter Expert - AOD Training Team

Sylvia Akusah

Tutor and Cultural Support Officer - AOD Training team

Ethics, Policy and Research

Margaret Cashman

Director of Ethics, Policy and Research

Sonny Green

Ethics Manager

Kelly Jones

Ethics Administration Officer

Public Health and Intelligence

Beverley Moreton

Public Health and Intelligence Manager

Marina Wise

Public Health and Intelligence Officer

Zoe Mead

Public Health and Intelligence Officer

Nina Betts

Public Health and Intelligence Officer

Victoria Kennedy

Public Health and Intelligence Officer

Kezia Blackledge

Public Health and Intelligence Officer

Sector Support

Shana Quayle

Sector Support Manager

Lesli Kirwan

Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Officer

Jade Hansen

Sector Support Officer

Richie Garcia

Sector Support Officer

Eva Moshovis

Sector Support Officer

Sylvia Akusah

Sector Support Officer

Keira Green

Sector Support Officer