Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of NSW

Event Terms and Conditions

1. Cultural Protocols, Aims & Objectives

The Hirer has an obligation to recognise & adhere to the AH&MRC Cultural Ethics & Protocols and the Ethos, Aims & Objectives.

2. Booking

All bookings & requests are to be made through the AH&MRC online application form found on the website. The application will need to be approved by the Manager before confirmation of the booking is made. Once approval is granted a quote will be supplied for the venue hire & other associated costs.

3. Payments

An invoice will be sent to the Hirer and payments are to be made by credit card or Eftpos to AH&MRC. Details of the EFT will be printed on the invoice.

4. Additional Cost

Any additional costs incurred by the AH&MRC on behalf of the Hirer is to be paid by the Hirer. Additional costs may include: hiring of additional tables, chairs, specific audio visual equipment not available at the premise etc.

5. Storage

The storage of materials or items for the event must be requested in advance and is subject to the availability of space. Delivery of goods will only be accepted up to two (2) working days prior to the event. The AH&MRC will take all the necessary care, but accepts no responsibility for damage or loss or merchandise left in the venue prior, during or after events. All items must be removed immediately following each event.

6. Responsible Service of Alcohol

The AH&MRC is an educational and health facility therefore the building and it’s surrounds are an alcohol and smoke free zone.

7. Force Majeure

The AH&MRC will not be in breach of this agreement or any way liable to the Hirer, if it is prevented from complying with this agreement by reason of/act of God, act of public enemy, war, earthquake, riot, flood, explosion, compliance with any law or government restraint order, rule regulations, strikes, lock outs or any other cause not reasonably within the control of the AH&MRC.

8. Liability

The AH&MRC will not be liable for any loss of profit or any consequential damages, whether based on breach of contract, warranty or otherwise suffered by the organiser arising from any negligence, act, error or omission on the part of the organiser. The liability of the venue to the organiser whether in contract or tort, in respect of all claims, will not exceed the cost of the hire and/or catering.

9. Room Set-Up

The AH&MRC will attempt to set-up the training rooms as per the Hirer’s requirements and as per the room set-up chart. If the Hirer chooses to change the set-up of the rooms they are to restore it back to the standard set-up as per the chart available in each room.

10. Occupational Health & Safety

The Hirer and the delegates are to abide by the AH&MRC’s rules and conditions for Occupation Health and Safety. Please adhere to all the signs posted in and around the premises and observe the AH&MRC’s emergency evacuation procedures as and when required.

11. Damage

The Organiser will be responsible for the loss or destruction of, or any damage to the venue property or for any claim for any loss, damage or injury however caused by the organiser or its employees, agents, contractors or guests. The AH&MRC will assume no responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise, printed matter or art placed in the venue prior to, during or following events. No items are to be nailed, screwed, stapled or adhered to walls, doors or other surfaces in the Aboriginal Health College premises. The AH&MRC reserves the right to charge the organiser for damages caused to any property of the building.



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