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Terms and conditions in relation to the Commissioned Poster:

June 1st, 2020

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  • The project will require the artist and parent/carer to sign a contract outlining the approved use of their poster.
  • The value of the commission to the successful applicant is $500 deposited into a nominated parent or guardians bank account and a $250 gift voucher to the store of the artists choice.
  • The legal title to the poster design (ownership) will vest with AH&MRC.
  • AH&MRC will permit the artist to use the poster for their own personal business activities which includes the following: Promotion of their artistic works and style; Use on their websites and social media as an example of their work but not as part of their website/logo design, as long as they credit AH&MRC as the owners of the poster design.
  • The artist agrees that the poster will not be reproduced, sold or used by any other entity.
  • AH&MRC will have the right in perpetuity to use and reproduce the poster and/or a portion of the poster in its promotional activities and materials.
  • The artist will be formally recognised as the artist of the poster (where practicable).
  • AH&MRC will have worldwide rights to use the poster across all media.
  • AH&MRC will have the right to edit and modify the poster for reproduction purposes.
  • No further or ongoing payment will be made by AH&MRC to the artist other than the commission fee payment.
  • The artist, upon signing the Terms and Conditions, is accepting the future use of the poster by AH&MRC.
  • AH&MRC at its discretion may stop using the poster at any time.