Research Partnerships

The AH&MRC works in partnership with a number of universities and organisations in the development of health and well-being research. We welcome approaches from potential partners to work with us, in line with NHMRC’s Keeping Research on Track II  guidelines and within an Indigenous Data Sovereignty & Governance Framework.

We prefer to negotiate in-kind support and do not fund research in cash. We do not commission research, as we prefer to work in meaningful partnership with researchers to build the research capacity of our members, AH&MRC and staff.

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Our Research Relationships

Building capacity in Indigenous Health Researchers in New South Wales

The AH&MRC is excited to be part of an emerging development in NSW that seeks to build the capacity of health researchers. The initiative is being hosted by the Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Stream within Maridulu Budyari Gumal, at the University of NSW, led by Aunty Kerrie Doyle. We look forward to supporting this initiative.

Cyberbullying and Indigenous Australians

In 2018 the AH&MRC worked with Macquarie University to explore Cyberbullying and Indigenous Australians through a review of the literature (Carlson & Fraser 2018). The study concluded that ‘Cyberbullying does not take place within a vacuum. Rather, it emerges in a context in which systemic racism, intergenerational trauma, and economic disadvantage are widespread. However, it remains unknown in what ways and to what degrees these factors are related to the emergence of cyberbullying. Considering that cyberbullying remains a significant problem among Indigenous Australians – with some research suggesting they experience it at rates higher than non-Indigenous populations – these cultural and political factors warrant further investigation.’ (Carlson & Fraser 2018, p.20).

Centre for Research Excellence in Urban Aboriginal Child Health

The AH&MRC conducts research with The Sax Institute through its Coalition for Research to Improve Aboriginal Health (CRIAH). CRIAH brings together Aboriginal communities and leading research expertise across NSW to establish and undertake research to improve the health of Aboriginal people. A major project of CRIAH is the SEARCH (Study of Environment, Aboriginal Resilience and Child Health).

Australian Primary Care Collaboratives

The AH&MRC receives funding from the Improvement Foundation to support five Member Services to participate in the Australian Primary Care Collaboratives. The Collaboratives provide an important context within which CQI can be implemented. Whole CQI is not considered to be ‘research’ in a formal sense, it is a process of ongoing enquiry-action-improvement that is very similar to participatory action research.