Regional Workshops

Background – The AH&MRC, with a regional focus, is working in partnership with ACCHSs to host Aboriginal public health Regional Workshops. Future Regional Workshops will be tailored to the needs of the region after close consultation. The first of a series of four Regional Workshops requested by our members explored the experience and successes of Orange Aboriginal Medical Service in providing National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) services to the community. In addition to this, the workshop explored the importance of sexual health research and education in addressing sexual and reproductive health.

The AH&MRC Regional Workshops (subject to change) aim to:

  • Provide foundational knowledge for all ACCHS staff and ACCHS Workers around the NDIS, sexual and youth health
  • Showcase best-practice evidence-based models
  • Promote the sharing and transfer of relevant knowledge
  • Strengthen networks and developing partnerships between Member Services and key stakeholders
  • Assist Member Services in building robust and sustainable programs that promote professional development and upskill the Aboriginal workforce
  • Allow Member Services to easily access sexual health research opportunities and achieve improved health outcomes